Alternatives or How to Quit Smoking

Smoking has become one of the main villains that the society is trying to fight against, especially given the number of individuals who smoke and who get sick because of this bad habit. We hear messages saying quit smoking at every step but few of us consider that smoking is actually very difficult to quit. Nicotine and other chemicals contained in cigarettes provoke a very strong dependency which many of the smokers cannot ignore. Here are some alternatives that have been claimed to be efficient when willing to quit smoking. Yet one must take under consideration the fact that a strong determination is the key to success in this fight.

Hypnosis has been used all over the world as an alternative to help people quit smoking. At first the results were promising as specialists noticed that individuals who were hypnotized could quit smoking easier than those who did not use any smoking cessation alternative. Yet, nowadays there are questions about the efficiency of this therapy in comparison with other therapies available. Another less known technique is the guided imagery. This method is claimed to help individuals quit smoking by creating mental images that relax them and which help tapping into their unconscious mind and reset the mind in such ways that it will resist the urge to smoke. Acupuncture has also been used for this reason. It has been noticed that this ancient Chinese practice may help individuals to diminish their desire to smoke. Its downside is however that it takes much too long until patients can see results and most of them quit participating in therapy before they can see the results.

Nevertheless, there are other methods used to quit smoking. There are different plasters and supplements that claim to be helpful. There are also the E-cigarettes which are not harmful for one’s health but which can copy the effects of smoking. Yet, one will still need a strong motivation to fight against this ‘disease’.