Electronic Cigarettes Alternative

E-Cigs (electronic cigarettes) are vapor producing cigarettes that satisfy users who like to smoke without harming their health or that of others. Electronic cigarettes do not produce any of the harmful effects of traditional cigarettes, since they don’t contain harmful chemicals or tar.

There are many types of E-Cigs, however, they mainly consist of a battery, an atomizer and a liquid nicotine cartridge. As you inhale, the E-Cig will activate the atomizer, which in turn heats up and vaporizes the liquid nicotine. This nicotine vapor feels and looks like real smoke, but it isn’t, nor does it have the harmful effects of real smoke.

E-Cigs are very easy to use. Once the nicotine cartridge runs out, you can refill refill it in less than a minute. The atomizers last for a quite a while, but eventually need to be replaced for new ones to be able to heat up the liquid nicotine efficiently. There is a small switch that controls the battery to avoid overheating, or else, the heating mechanism will be controlled by an automatic sensor.

Liquid nicotine may be purchased in different levels. They come in low, medium or high levels, or nicotine free. Some of the flavors available in the market include chocolate, vanilla, coffee, cherry, and menthol.

The original investment of buying an E-Cig kit seems a bit high at first ($50 – $150 per kit), but if you take into consideration that a pack of 5 cartridges is equal to 7 packs of cigarettes, you will wind up saving money in the end. Also, many places allow electronic cigarette smoking, since E-Cigs pose not risks of second hand smoke.