Hazardous Joy

Millions of people in America today partake in the hazardous joy of smoking these tiny sticks full of a black substance that coats the lungs. There are many historically hilarious reasons why people start and even continue to smoke. Many of these reasons can be overcome and even supplemented with a different activity. Others may think that once you are hooked, you are hooked for life which is just not the case.

So why might a person start to smoke? A few people have said that they smoke to lose weight. Although cigarettes may have a laxative as well as an appetite suppressing affect the gym may do the exact same thing. Smoking is not a sure fire way to lose much of anything except for a few years off of your life. Another reason that a much younger person may start smoking is because everyone else is doing it. Peer pressure is definitely not a thing of the past and will always be around as long as our society is a group oriented one.

Why someone may say they just aren’t able to stop smoking. Well the one reason that people say they are not able to stop is because they have done it for so long. There are people out there that have been smoking for thirty plus years and say that it is just too late to quit. Little do they know that there are other people out there that have been smoking for thirty plus years and were able to quit smoking. Quitting takes work and commitment. People who make excuses may just be too lazy to work for something that could ultimately save their lives.

Smoking is not the cool thing to do and it will not help you shed fifty pounds. Smoking really is a joy to some but it is hazardous not only to their health but also to the health of the people around them. Would they really want to smoke around a small child for years and then find out that that same exact child has developed asthma due to second hand smoke? Thinking of the bigger picture is always a must!