How to quit smoking without any harm to the body: expert’s advices

How to quit smoking without any harm to the bodyAny dependence can be overcame, the scientists said. And with the help of tips and simple techniques of the expert you can say goodbye to pernicious habit once and for all!

It is important to find out the root of the problem. In the case of nicotine addiction – as a form of psychological defense – you should understand the reasons that prompted you or your loved ones to smoke a cigarette every hour. Behind smoking some unresolved psychological problems are often hidden. For example, you have underdeveloped communication skills, and instead of developing them, you take a cigarette and go to the smoking room: it creates the illusion that there are no problems in dealing with people.

The next thing is that the smoker gets a psychological dependence on smoking, in other words, a bad habit to develop resistance. A person begins to form the rituals of smoking, it can be – smoking during lunch breaks, between classes, smoking at bus stops or while waiting queue, smoking in certain public places, etc.

And the most dangerous thus is the born of the physical addiction to nicotine. If a person decides to quit smoking, he faces with so called “breaking”: dizziness, nausea, a feeling of “lump in the throat”, irritability and anxiety. But all of it goes away very quickly. You need only to set yourself up for a positive result and have a little patience, the psychologists believe. Our body can be quickly cleared of nicotine and its half-life of products. Depending on the toxicity, on average, this process takes about 5 days.

What steps should be taken to get rid of the smoking habit?

1. Come up with a motive. That is for what you give up smoking. This can be a health problem, the promise of a girl / guy to do any kind of sport, where smoking is unacceptable, etc. Be sure to write it down on a piece of paper and carry on with you for three weeks.

2. Stop using excuses. If you have firmly decided to quit smoking, do not try to stop yourself with phrases like “it’s hard to do, because I have too strong dependence” or “smoking brings me pleasure, relaxation”. Select a date on the calendar and on the appointed day stop smoking!

3. Do not be afraid to gain some weight. Most smokers horrify that after quitting smoking they can gain weight. From the point of view of physiology, person can’t gain extra kilos after nicotine withdrawal.

4. If you believe that smoking brings you pleasure, look for other reasons for joy. In order to determine the extent of your nicotine dependence, you can just smell the cakes with different fillings and try to name the ingredients that are there. It will be a difficult task for a heavy smoker to determine this by the smell, because smoking reduces the sense of smell.