Smoking Addiction and Impotence

Smoking or nicotine addiction is considered a medical condition that is similar to drug addiction. While some people still think of it as a way to release stress, medical experts all over the world have proved that tobacco and nicotine are dangerous substances that can have harmful effects on the human body.

Smoking has become a habit for most people. Over the years, the practice of burning tobacco, chewing it or inhaling it has evolved to the modern day cigarette with filters and additional chemicals like gudron. The practice of smoking is both a social activity and a stress release act. People who smoke explain that it has become a habit which offers them pleasure. Others can’t separate the cigarette from the morning coffee, while others can’t image a work break without a cigarette. But medical specialists have concluded that smoking is toxic and can cause a series of medical conditions and illnesses that are severe and can lead to death. Smoking is guilty of causing bladder cancer, lung cancer, chronic bronchitis, pancreas cancer and peptic ulcer. Not to mention that smoking causes second hand smoking and affects people around who don’t practice this habit.