What is a Smoking Ban

While the majority of people understand that a Smoking Ban means they are not allowed to smoke in a certain place, it is important to learn the reasons that a Smoking Ban may be in place. Only a decade ago, a person could smoke in public places like restaurants and bars and be relatively unconcerned about how their Second Hand Smoking may be affecting nearby customers. However, times have changed and the laws of today are working to eliminate Second Hand Smoking or keep it at a minimum. The evidence against Second Hand Smoking has shown that it can be more deadly than regular smoking, thus leading many governments to pass laws and Smoking Ban rules in certain areas. This practice is improving public safety and ensuring that the right to clean air is available to everyone.

A Smoking Ban can actually take a variety of forms and is not only limited to preventing the smoking of cigarettes in public places. One of the first Smoking Ban actions to be used against the tobacco companies was to stop the advertising of the products in magazine and television commercials. These Smoking Ban rules were put into place to help stop the rise in number of underage people that smoke cigarettes. Some of the tobacco companies were aggressively marketing their products towards teenagers, attempting to create consumers that would last their entire life. The new laws removed the ability of the companies to use cartoon figures or other methods that are clearly directed to those people under the age of 18.

The actual Smoking Ban has done much to improve public health. Studies have shown that making smoking illegal in public places as well as working situations can help to lower the overall smoking rate in the region of the ban. Part of this is due to not being able to smoke during certain situations. However, the Smoking Ban also created another effect that reduced smoking rates. Smokers that had to leave a public place or working environment to have a cigarette created a stigmatization that led many people to abandon smoking. While many pro-smoking advocates argue that creating these bans is detrimental to businesses, the exact opposite has been proven true. In regions where public smoking has been outlawed, attendance at pubs and restaurants has actually increased.

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