Smoking Effects

In the world of cigarettes, it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction. Often, the information presented is colored by the source of the data and a person cannot be sure that what they are receiving is actually the truth. The best way to learn about the real Smoking Effects is to use an unbiased source for all information. One of these unbiased sources can be found at the website of The idea was created to bring an easy way for a person to discover the Smoking Dangers without having to wade through piles of disinformation. In this manner, a person will be able to learn what Smoking Effects might be experienced and how to avoid Smoking Dangers that can cause serious health issues.

Smoking Effects are simply disastrous for people that decide to engage in this practice. Using tobacco products is considered by experts to be the largest preventable cause of death in the world and the Smoking Dangers are seemingly endless. The esteemed World Health Organization estimates that the 20th century has seen over 100 million deaths that can be attributed to the simple act of using tobacco. These numbers are staggering and a person that is thinking about starting to use tobacco should consider how the Smoking Effects could cause problems later in life.

There are many conditions that occur in the body as a direct result of Smoking Effects, with many of these being potentially fatal. Cancer and heart disease are the two biggest Smoking Dangers that could cause death. The types of cancer are varied, although the most common is lung cancer. In addition, a person could develop cancer of the kidneys, larynx, breasts, bladder, esophagus, pancreas, neck, or stomach due to the Smoking Effects. The risk of heart problems are also greatly increased. Heart disease as well as strokes and peripheral vascular disease are frequently reported from smokers. In short, a smoker can expect to lose around 14 years of their life from using cigarettes.

Smoking Effects are not only limited to physical problems. Many of the Smoking Dangers include psychological issues that could be very problematic. The practice of smoking cigarettes has been proven to elevate stress in the smoker. Stress attacks become common when there is less nicotine in the body as the person endures withdrawal symptoms from the drug. The Smoking Effects also change how the mind works by lowering the rate of cognitive function and creating a higher chance of Alzheimer’s and other mental problems. The smoking of cigarettes affects relationships as well. Research has shown that couples in which one or both parties smoke have a 53% higher rate of divorce than non-smoking couples. The problems associated with smoking are numerous and quitting the practice could greatly improve a person’s health.