Stop Smoking Tips

For many people the quest to quit smoking is one of the most difficult things that will be done in their life. While the trials and tribulations of trying to quit may be great, the Stop Smoking Benefits will be an excellent reward once the goal has been reached. The most obvious benefit is the improvement of the person’s overall health, but there are also a lot of other changes that are not talked about as much. When a person is able to quit smoking, they will discover that their sense of taste becomes much more enhanced. The process of smoking actually disables many of the taste buds found in a person’s mouth, thus making it difficult to experience many flavors. This is usually not realized by the smoker until after they have quit. Another example of hidden Stop Smoking Benefits is a man’s ability to have enjoyable sexual activity. Although it is somewhat related to health for both men and women, the nicotine in cigarettes is one of the leading causes of erectile dysfunction. When the man is able to stop, he will be rewarded with being able to have better sex than ever before.

Of course, the road from being a smoker to a non-smoker is long and hard, but there are many resources that can help in this journey. Many books and websites have been created with the smoker in mind and they offer Stop Smoking Tips that can be used when a person takes the plunge and tries to quit. One leading provider of this information is the website. The newest Stop Smoking Tips and tricks are listed at and a person can use the site to figure out which methods of quitting will work the best. One tip advocated by the website addresses whether it is better to use nicotine replacement therapy or to quit all at once, commonly known as cold turkey. Six month relapse rates show that only 7% of those that use NRT products are still non-smokers after half a year. On the other hand, the rate is higher for those that quit cold turkey and better long term success is seen with this method.

In quitting smoking, the biggest obstacle is dealing with the nicotine cravings that happen from time to time. One of the best Stop Smoking Tips for dealing with the cravings is to keep sugar free candy on hand when a craving strikes. As a craving will last no more than 3 minutes, the person can use the candy for this time until it has passed. People will generally feel cravings when they are in familiar smoking situations, such as after finishing a meal. Keeping the candy close will help the person to resist the urge to light up another cigarette.