An Unfiltered Look At is an anti-smoking website that lays out its objectives on the home page. The purpose of the website is to inform its visitors about the history of and the dangers of smoking and efforts to ban smoking. This article will give a brief, yet unfiltered, picture of the website.

Layout of the website

The home page breaks into three parts. First, on top of the home page, appear three sections entitled with the following: “Smoking Ban,” “Chemicals,” and “Patches”. Under each title is a quote followed by a link to other websites with products unrelated to smoking. Second, two pictures — one of used and crumbled cigarettes and one featuring a cigarette dangling between fingers on one hand, — decorate the middle of the home page that also includes a brief description of the website. Finally, to the right of this information is the website’s search engine and the navigation menu that features links to pages explaining items ranging from second hand smoke to the contents of cigarettes to smoking bans to methods to deal with smoking addition and nicotine patches.

Website links

Clicking on the links at the top of the page, as mentioned earlier, takes readers to websites not connected to smoking. Instead the links take visitors to websites involving sexual performance-altering drugs.

To find out about topics related to smoking, visitors should use the links in the website’s navigation menu. Each link takes the website visitor to a webpage with a brief article explaining a topic such as “What is a Smoking Ban” and links taking the website visitor to other article pages at the website.

Search Engine

The website’s search engine is not functioning. When a website visitor enters a keyword in the website’s search engine, the results takes the visitor back to the home page. It does not matter what term or terms are used, the results are the same.


Anti-smoking activists or any curious person in search of information about smoking would be drawn to This website educates its visitors about the history of smoking and efforts to deal with smoking’s effects with articles discussing the composition of cigarettes, the side effects of smoking, and methods to treat addiction. Despite the lack of functionality in the site’s search engine, the information at is still easy accessible, easy to read, and not overly long. For the right audience, could be as satisfying because of his features on the home page.